Browse songs by modern piano artists.  We post videos and descriptions of songs made and played by modern piano artists, so that the piano fans can connect to piano artists that they may also like.  The piano artist community is friendly and passionate; some of the most brilliant and skilled piano artists are often less known because they focus on their passion, the music.  We believe that there is something special and transcendent about piano music and these artists should be shared.  Please enjoy this site and feel free to comment and support these amazing and talented piano artists.


David Nevue ‘s Music Video Contest

Peter Kater Ascent Image

Peter Kater – Ascent

Philip Wesley Google Glass

Philip Wesley with Google Glass – Dark Night of the Soul

steven cravis reunion

Steven Cravis – Reunion (The Sound of Light)

Philip Wesley Dark Night of the Soul

Philip Wesley – Lamentations of the Heart

jon dahlander gingerbread video

Jon Dahlander – Gingerbread

The Red Aspens Video

Jennifer Thomas – The Red Aspens

Tim Neumark - The Dream of You Music Video

Tim Neumark – The Dream of You

David Nevue - Treasure Falls Video

David Nevue – Treasure Falls

Brian Crain Dream of Dreams with satellite images

Brian Crain – Dream of Dreams